Flexible Capital to Partner in Growth

Private equity. Done differently.

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Who we serve

We serve the business powerhouse of Australia - small to medium enterprises. We look for partnership deals with best in class operators.

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We get it. We value the entrepreneurial spirit. We have built our business with the same spirit. Shoulder to shoulder with your leadership team, we can all play to our strengths. We bring far more than money. We are business owners investing alongside business owners.


We’re aligned. And we understand how you operate. We share your passion for collaboration, the value of partnership and the importance of delivering for clients. Flexible and transparent, we build relationships on trust.


Everyone in our team invests in every single deal, meaningfully. We treat your capital in the exact same manner. We aim to make your capital perform, whilst protecting the downside. Recognising you have a multitude of investment options, we bring deals that involve some of Australia’s best founders and operators to investors who have made their money being Australia’s best founders and operators and we know what it took to get to where you are.

What makes Alceon Private Equity different?

Times have changed and the expectations of a private equity firm has evolved. What worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future. Investors, founders and owners and broader stakeholders need a private equity partner that is future focused, not stuck in traditional ways.

We assess and invest one business at a time deploying flexible, transparent and fit-for-purpose capital. We’re able to make investment decisions based on each business’s strengths and opportunities, marching to a unique drum beat that works best for each business.

As part of the Alceon Group, a multi-strategy investment manager with around $6 billion in funds under management, you’ll combine the benefits of a relationship driven team with broader exposure to a bigger network. Balance sheet aside, this means access to the leading investment, business and industry specialist minds in the country.

With an investment track record, significant flexibility, and an adaptive, and agile approach, we’re not constricted by closed fund mandates and timelines or large institutional investors – you’ll be working to your own agenda, not someone else’s.

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